Get Involved, Have Your Say & Make A Difference In The Halal Industry With The MIHAS EXPORTERS CLUB (MEC)

Get Involved, Have Your Say & Make A Difference In The Halal Industry With The MIHAS EXPORTERS CLUB (MEC)

The rise in the Muslim population points to a subsequent rise in the purchasing power and preferences for halal products and services around the world. With the Muslim consumer market tagged as the fastest growing consumer segment in the world, there is enormous growth potential for the halal industry, which is currently estimated to be worth USD2.3 trillion.

Countries around the world are charging full steam ahead to tap into the global halal market. To be successful in the halal marketplace, businesses need to innovate and improve the way they produce and work with one another. They need to meet the challenges head-on and keep pace with the changing landscape in the halal ecosystem. This is not always easy.

The MIHAS Exporters Club (MEC) is a not-for-profit organisation established by Shapers Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SHAPERS) for individuals and companies involved in the halal industry either directly or indirectly. The halal industry is fast expanding beyond the food sector to include finance, tourism, modest fashion, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, media recreation and e-commerce. This lucrative market is attracting industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs, resulting in intense competition and greater regulation.

MEC will protect the interests of halal entrepreneurs and nurture their growth; while providing a united voice for industry players to collectively meet the challenges in the halal ecosystem and compete effectively in the global halal market. With MEC, industry players will be able to network with prominent individuals, business leaders and professionals, and stay ahead of the competition. No other organisation provides more ways for halal industry players to connect with people and the resources they need to be successful.


  • Preferential Rates for All MEC Projects
  • Priority Lane for Booth and Seat Reservations at HALFEST
  • Special Rates to Advertise in the Malaysia Exporters Trade Directory
  • Participate in International Trade Missions
  • Secure Government Funding with More Ease
  • Strengthen Your Business Network with Industry Stakeholders
  • Deliberate on Issues of Mutual Concern in the Industry

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